Peyote In The Desert/Haunted Daze EP out now.

Haunted Daze

Peyote In The Desert (with Melissa Hudson)


Electronica meets 90’s breakbeat meets cinematic atmospheres. Metal guitars, distorted synth sounds and uplifting drum breaks. Desert rock, matrix-era rave culture and altered states of the mind, to name just a few of Exo Moda’s influences.

Building up his repertoire since 2015, he has been working on his own sound and style and is here to show you an alternative version of dance music. His first single, Peyote In The Desert (with Melissa Hudson on vocals), along with B-side Haunted Daze (horror spoken word provided by Rusty Hermiston), sets the tone for a new musical endeavour coming this year to a sound system near you.

Check out the demo reel below for his latest, still unreleased work, to get a glimpse of what is to come for 2017.

Demo Reel

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